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Juin : Le beau temps enfin revenu a permis de profiter de notre jardin pour le vernissage. Thème du mois : " le mouvement ", qui se décline en sport, danse, animaux, vent, tempête etc. Les artistes invités sont le photographe Thierry Vergély et la pastelliste Delphine Caissal.

Mai : Le thème du mois était " les masques ". Claire Alario, Frédéric Chevriau et Isabelle Vincent ont garni de leurs oeuvres notre salle du premier étage. Tous les artistes sont réunis ici pour la photo souvenir.

Avril : Gros succès pour la première exposition de l'année,  qui réunissait au rez-de-chaussée divers artistes sur le thème de "la poule et l'oeuf", et à l'étage trois autres artistes invités , Lydie Jaoul, Nadine Messestrat et Alain Théron.

Juin : Jacques Viville présente une conférence sur son voyage dans le Madhya Pradesh, région du centre de l'Inde. La présentation fut suivie d'un savoureux dîner curry qui a réuni une quarantaine de convives.

June 21st: "Journée de l'art en Minervois" in the streets of Olonzac. Dozens of painters, watercolourists,  sculptors, ceramicists, drawers, engravers, photographers, jewel makers and other  artists have exhibited their works and displayed their talent to visitors. Click here for the list of participants.
A treasure trail game was organised for children as well as a painting contest for artists. The jury, chaired by the mayor of Olonzac, gave the first prize to Madam Danielle Greget, whom we see on the picture with her painting.
Overall a very nice day under a blazing sun, much appreciated by the participants even though beaches, Father's Day and the Feast of Music were strong competitors to attract people. More pictures here.

May-June: conference given by Yves Dubois, art historian, about the enigma of the Meninas, the most famous painting by Diego Velazquez. More than forty participants.

May: exhibition of paintings and sculptures on the theme of the sun. The vernissage was a big success. More pictures here.



  November-December: On the occasion of the begining of the Great War a big exhibition of toys was held dating from 1914-1918. Soldier dolls or patients, nurses working, groups of soldiers in the trenches, games of dice which took place there, … with this exhibition and talk on the toys of the Great War and its monuments, at Olonzac, we were given a glimpse of the part played by toys at the time, and also gained an idea of the impact of the war on families. (La Semaine du Minervois, November 3, 2014).
In addition to this exhibition and to complement it, Murielle Auffret gave a talk on the subject of these toys, and then Yves Dubois a second talk concerning the War memorials of the Great War. The two talks were open to the public, and were give each time to a full house.

August: «  “Two weeks of Art in the Minervois”, an exhibition of local artists.

July: Guided visit to the sites of the Visigoths, Romans, Carolinians and Romanesque peoples between Laure-Minervois and Escales, guided by Jean-Claude Soulasol.

April: Third art exhibition featuring paintings by Félix Vincent, sculptures by Arlette Mouton and ceramics by Violette Vincent.

February: Annual General Meeting of the association followed by a talk by Murielle Auffret – the History of the “Feves” (little figurines) hidden in the Gallettes des Rois (traditional cake served on 6 January). Click to access the text of this talk.


December: Exhibition of « Christmases Past », including the early electric trains of our childhood.

July: Second art exhibition, with works by Cathy (ceramic) and Maurice Dendal (watercolours).

June: Third exhibition The Art of the Garden in the park at Olonzac.

April: Two weeks of Art in the Minervois; exhibition of paintings by Mary-Louise Boardman (Watercolourist), Cathy Dendal (ceramicist) and Jane Hummer (wood sculptress).


December: Exhibition of antique toys for the second "Christmases Past".

 June: Second exhibition The Art of the Garden in the park at Olonzac. Forty four exhibitors (almost twice as many as last year) showed at the exhibition. The public visited all day in the shade of the local park in Olonzac, and remarked how delightful it was to have such a beautiful array of objects in Olonzac.


December: First exhibition of « Christmases Past ». The idea is to make us feel once again through the eyes of the children of today the emotions we had at Christmas time during our own childhood.

June: First exhibition The Art in the Garden in the park at Olonzac.

June: Painting workshop for children living in the "Communauté de communes Le Minervois".